Sunday, July 24, 2011

BUMP photo. There will be more.

Ahhh. Home. So this is what it's like.

Hi everyone!
And by "everyone" I mean Lauren, Kara, and Kelli, whom are all very dear to my heart.  Oh, oh, oh, and Uncle Kirk!  Hi Uncle Kirk!  Thanks for reading my blog :)

Speaking of blogs.... there are two others I just must mention.  Kelli's "The Middle Child Smiles" and and... oh drat.  There was another one.  Well anyway, Kelli's friended this blog so hers'll be easy to find.

I am listening to the La Boheme soundtrack, pretty much the best opera of all time.  Best teary one.  Marriage of Figaro would be the best comedy.  Or Barber of Seville... what was I saying?

Just got home from BUMP (Bridging Urban Mission Project) in innercity Minneapolis with our high school youth group.  It was awesome.  Total God thing.  He answered every single prayer with a resounding "yes" and did so much.  I got to pray with a little boy named Jevon and I think he really "got" the Good News.  Will not stop praying.

Another thing about the trip.... we stayed in unairconditioned dorms on the hottest day in Twin Cities history.  On Tuesday, the news said that the only other place on earth as hot as Minneapolis was the Amazon. Dear me, no wonder I was down with heat exhaustion for a few hours.  But it was so so worth it.  When we weren't melting into a puddle of sweat, we put on a VBS for inner city kids in the park, walked around giving out flyers and making house calls to spread the word, went to local wading pools to play and talk with kids, spent time learning and worshipping God, goofed off, and generally encouraged eachother.   (Lauren Vogel was one such cool person on the trip who made me feel special and also quite smiley.)    But mostly we prayed.  And God showed up and "grew us" all this week.  It was truly beautiful and exciting and really stretched me.

But it does feel pleasant to be home.  My family was so welcoming: right off they helped me with bags, fed me jell-o cake, and then we all plopped down and gazed at Monk for a while.  Hello, Slater.

 Now it's off to driver's ed in the morning (gulp).   Oh, yeah, I can just trust God about that.  It sure worked in that one hot state we went to...

Love, Eliza :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hello There. Welcome.

Hi!  I'm Eliza.  You knew that.  Everyone who's going to read this little blog of mine knows me.  That's okay.  I like them all.

So last night, I was at Lindy's house with my church small group, enjoying a party. And they told me to start a blog.  So I argued, and then their comments about my writing were so flattering that I caved.  My idea of blogs has been "never have so many written so much to so few".  That wasn't even my idea.   

After I caved we watched Julie & Julia.  It's a good movie.  About blogs and delicious food and inspiration.  I laughed at Ann's Child impersonation.  Well, actually her impersonation of Meryl Streep's impersonation....  

Lindy's house is really perty.  It's in the style of a giant log cabin and they have Bath and Body Works soap and cats and a new driveway and a Kawasaki and this giant building with A JUKEBOX!  Jukeboxes excite me quite a bit.  We danced around and listened to Taylor Swift.  Yes, I like them all a lot.  

Three of these people have blogs: Kara and Lindy and Lauren.  I would link to them all, but I don't feel like killing the Andersens' computer with all those extra tabs.   Maybe later.  But they're all wonderful people and I like to read what they write.

I don't appreciate how many times I'm compelled to type "I" in this post.  <Sigh>  Narcissism, ahoy.

Well, I'm going to hang out with the blog writer (ahem, blogger) whose name begins with K and then go to mission trip training with the other two whose names begin with L.  Speaking of the mission trip, I'm super pumped.  We're all going to innercity Minneapolis to put on a VBS for the kids up there, stay in the Northwestern college dorms,  spread the good news about Jesus, and do service projects.  Plus, it's 9 days of time with the youth group.  Win! 

Okay, okay, I might be a bit excited to have a blog with a pink font and some books in the background where I can write about my life and any old thought that pops into my brain.  I will limit myself to one post a week because that's plenty for me.  (Not saying that I don't highly enjoy reading more frequent posts from my friends or The Pioneer Woman.)

Goodbye, Readers.  Going to eat a brat now.  Have a pleasant summer evening.  And don't let the sharks get you :)