Monday, August 22, 2011


This post entitled, "Terribly Disappointing Blogging After a Day that was the Extreme Opposite".

I just spent the last half an hour laboring over a long-in-the-coming blog post for you.
Then the computer froze and every character was lost in cyberspace, never to be seen again.
Not to sound complain-y, but it may have been my best work.

It contained an amusing story about my cat at midnight and an account of my first day at Network (where I take classes for homeschoolers on Mondays and it's a big, big deal in my life).
It even had a moral at the end about using my newfound upperclassman status for good in the lives of others and grabbing life by the horns at Network.  How my insecurity from last year has vanished with a "poof" and been replaced with an unbounded enthusiasm for my little "school that is not a school".  And how this "school" now contains my brother, too.
It even had a reference to vanilla ice cream with peanut butter and chocolate syrup, which is always good.

But now it's gone, and I'm so very sleep-deprived.  Thank you for mourning with me.

This doesn't ruin what was a highly exciting first day at Network.
And to remind myself of this, I'm posting photos of my new school supplies that have me jazzed (in true copycat fashion, Kara!).

A new brightly colored Yak Pak lunchbox.
It makes me smile.

Oh rats.  No photo is available of my light purple and white floral calculator with light purple buttons.  But it's stellar.  Tastefully girly calculator, you are my friend.

And two photos from the BUMP Mission Trip thrown in just for good measure (and because I promised).

Oh look, cool people!  Lauren and Lindy, both fellow bloggers, small group friends, and of course BUMP-ers.

The kids!  Boy, they were pretty special :)  As you can see, they totally have us wrapped around their finger.  

And that's all.  I hope the start to your school year season is turning out to be splendiferous.  And remember to always save your blog post drafts just in case your computer freezes up mid-writing spree *frown*