Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Toothless" Plays the Waiting Game

Prissy swishes her tail back and forth (in a happy way) on my lap.  The theme from the "Pirates of the Carribean" flicks rollicks along from my Grooveshark.  And I'm missing a few teeth.

My pain medicine is rather temperamental, but I'm truly thankful for it when it works.  Wisdom teeth removal happened two days ago, and really I've been doing way better than is usually expected for a recovery.

I was pretty freaked out driving to Dr. Rudman's, having never even had a shot in my entire life before.  Never broken a bone or nothin' (knock on wood).  What would anesthetic be like?  I was nearly trembling, and singing along for dear life to the radio, trying to breathe steadily.  Mom and I prayed beforehand.. that helped.  So too did seeing the mom of my dear friend Billie in the waiting room... turns out that marvelous girl had gone in for the procedure just a half hour before!  What a nice coincidence :)

After a nervousness-driven PDA with my madre in front of the entire office, I soldiered on behind a kind Hispanic woman into the room.  Oh yay-- Bruno Mars playing and a big sunny window.  Both the assistant and the surgeon were very calming as I lay back and tried to play some Jamie Grace in my head, waiting for the IV.  It was very easy not to watch.  And it barely pinched.  I watched the IV dripping and braced myself for some sort of freaky twilight-sleep experience.

The dripping's the last I remember.  It was like waking up from a nap (wasn't it supposed to be just a local anesthetic?) and seeing the clock... an hour had passed.  The assistant helped my unsteady self into a sort of recovery room for a few minutes and I watched her bustle about.  It's over?  That's it?  Wow!

I couldn't really move my gauze-stuffed mouth to talk, which was frustrating cuz I really wanted to chatter on about the experience.  I was totally alert and normal-feeling besides the issues walking as straight line.  With me leaning on our shopping cart, us two females shuffled through Hy-Vee for prescription pick up and pudding and jell-o and ice cream.

After being pampered and laid to rest on the basement couch, I zonked out for an hour or two, awakening to feel 100% normal.  Kara and Meghan were sweet enough to drop by and give me a cherry berry chiller from Mickey D's, the dears.   Then our neighbors C & L came over to watch Big Bang Theory with us and delivered a homemade choc milkshake.  They were surprised to see me so chipper and running all over the house.

The "chipperness" ended at about bedtime, at which point the pain meds decided to stop working.  It would be 2 a.m. before the lousiness wore off and I could pass out on top of a stack of pillows (you're s'posed to keep your head elevated).  The newest episode of the "Bachelorette" was my only company.  Yeah, I know, I had the same distaste for the very idea of the show initially too, but the girl's actually pretty grounded, thinks things through, and there seems to be some genuine dudes.

Today I've had some MAJOR mouth pain, but this morning was able to go out and actually take some pics for the paper.  Just checked out lots of Roger Ebert move review collections (love that witty gentleman), and the new Sherlock Holmes film.  Refusing to be productive with some serious guilt.  But but but.. I'm leaving in a few weeks for like the whole summer to do nothing but a) be away from my family, b) be away from the internet, c) be away from pretty much any kind of un-productivity, d) be away from anything familiar.  *starts freaking out again*

But just like my first little minor surgery experience, God's gonna hold my hand through this mission trip too. He's just as close beside me whilst getting an IV as across the ocean with folks I've never met.
And I don't think He's as harsh with me as I am with myself about the whole chilling out hardcore business.  At least I hope not.

This has been quite the post.  Thanks for reading any of it you managed to stay awake through :)

Hugs, Eliza