Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Future?

 << Dublin

Hey there.

I feel pretty good about having planned out the rest of my year.  It was pretty embarrassing to waffle around for so long.  So hopefully, this is my last waffle. *crunch*

This summer, I was going to go to the Boy Scout Jamboree down south with Venture Crew.  But I reallllyyy felt sad about not getting to repeat my last summer with Teen Missions.  Through a startling turn of events, my summer plans completely flipped.  Now I've been accepted onto the Ireland/Northern Ireland team.  Basically, it's just like my France summer last year, only less baguettes.  Here's why.

It's another evangelism team with my same awesome leaders from France, same dates, same Boot Camp experience, same team size (extra small).  T.M.I. plans are pretty waffle-y like mine, but they think we'll be in Dublin for a while working with kids and doing street EV. Our one sightseeing event planned is visiting the Titanic Museum (cue "My Heat Will Go On").

This makes me so happy.  I've missed Mr. and Mrs. Foy, I've missed Boot Camp (what????), I've missed Europe.  I've missed that awesome intimacy with God that comes out of such a hard summer. The thought of never getting to do it again sounded devastating.

In Ireland, I can't wait to hear Irish accents, see if it's really as green as all the photos, maybe taste some Irish food (mmm potatoes) and they will speak ENGLISH!! Yay!  Learning French and hearing French and reading French and singing in French was the best thing ever.  But it was sad at times to literally listen to words for a half hour at a time and not be able to understand them.  What a weird feeling!


Okay NOW, I touch the ground at the Des Moines airport, and less than a week later, hopefully go to my new COLLEGE, Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa.

But that's a whole 'nother blog post.  I have lots to say on that topic, but have run out of oomph.

Oh hey, and if you want to pray for the people we'll be talking to and showing God's kindness to in Europe, that would rock.


  1. Oh, wow! First blog post in a year?

  2. Eliza! Reading this made me miss you. I am glad I could catch up on your life a little though. I knew you were going to Ireland but not Northwestern! I have a lot of awesome friends going there, you will be in good company :) And I will have one more awesome friend in Orange City! You are a cool girl, Eliza! :)